BIG SEXY COMICS is an independent comic book imprint founded in 2009 by writer/broadcaster “Fearless” Fred Kennedy (102.1 The Edge, Teletoon At Night) with a mandate to produce the biggest, sexiest independent comics around.


He was quickly joined by illustrators Tony Sklepic, Andre Fernandes, and Adam Gorham in his conquest of the Toronto comic landscape. Working from scripts penned by Fred, the Big Sexy Comics line-up was created: Mike Gorbsmith: The Only Attractive Russian Ever; Helos; and Teuton.


Big Sexy Comics takes its name from artist Tony Sklepic, a tattooist from Edmonton, Alberta whom Fred affectionately called “Big Sexy.” Together they spitballed many ideas, including Gorbsmith, before Fred moved to Toronto.


Since it’s 2010 debut, Teuton has grown to become BSC’s flagship title, sprawling two trade paperbacks with the third and final volume in the works. Illustrated by Adam Gorham, Teuton follows the saga of beleaguered knight Andrus Tamm, a Sword Brother of the Holy Teutonic Order who runs afoul of Lithuanian deities after becoming ensnared in a deadly game of Gods and mortals.


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